Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After a Hurricane, Comes a Rainbow....

I have been clinging to those Katy Perry lyrics for awhile now; knowing somewhere in my mind that the sun always comes back out. And I can finally say it's true.

It has been a very rough month or so. It has seemed like forever since I felt normal. But, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel; I'm not quite there yet, but I can see it :) I feel happy and positive again. Through therapy, energy psychology (best thing ever), some Qigong practice and a lot of self-reflection, I am able to live again. Losing my brother is definitely the most horrible thing that has happened in my lifetime, but he would want us to move on, live and be happy. We will Jess :) In his famous words, "It's all good."

I have the BEST friends, family and in-laws. All have been sooo supportive and helpful to me. And it sounds kind of selfish that this is all about me, me, me. But if I have learned anything, it's that you have to get through tough situations yourself. You have to figure out what works and you have to do it for you. You can't worry about anybody else, as much as you want to help others. You take the outside support and help and let it move you along. Because until your are right, you cannot help anyone else. That is the truth.

I received the BEST card from a good friend recently I wanted to share. It reads: "She's the kind of person who looks at a cloud and says to herself, 'There's a Rainbow coming in just a little while'. Then she kicks off her shoes and dances in the puddles until the sun comes out again."  Best. Card. Ever. And I'm so happy that I feel like that again :)
Anyway, I'm excited to blog again! Sorry about the hiatus! Thanks for reading :)

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