Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brother

Dear Jess,

I miss you everyday. No lie; every single day I think of you. And I constantly question: 'What would Jesse do in this situation?' because it always seems to give me the right answer. Thank you for that.

I have been sad the last two days, but a different kind of sad. A sad that makes me know I have come a long way since just a year ago. I can handle these feelings much better and no longer is it a feeling of overwhelming disparity, but just a sadness from that feeling of having a void.

I really cannot believe it has been a year from when we all surprised you in your hospital room with balloons, cake, cards/gifts and whole bunch of family and friends. You were so surprised and happy! And that image we all still have of all the cousins sitting on your bed. It was a great day. The circumstances sucked, but it was a great day.

So, here's to being 34, whether on earth or up in heaven. And as Dominic asked mom today, "Is my dad having a party up in heaven??" You better be. :)

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  1. I remember his birthday last year as if it was yesterday. I'm so happy we all got to share it with him. Take care Amber...we love you.